Emergency Medicine


  • 5 years full-time
  • Offers flexible training options
  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL) may apply


  • Minimum PGY2+
  • 6 months in a single Emergency Department entirely within the 12 months prior to applying (during or after PGY2)
  • 3 placements (min 2 months each) in 3 different disciplines other than emergency medicine
  • At least 1 non-ED placement during or after PGY2


Min 5 years training time comprising:

  • 12 months Provisional Training (comprising 6 months core emergency training and 6 months other approved training)
  • 48 months Advanced Training (comprising 30 months core emergency, 6 months critical care, 6 months non-ED and 6 months discretionary training)


  • Advanced training requires a minimum of 6 months in a major referral ED and a minimum of 6 months in an urban referral or rural/regional ED
  • Paediatric and research requirements apply
  • Note: FACEM training requirements are due to change from 2022
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