Radiation Oncology


  • 5 years full-time


  • PGY2+
  • At least two full years in an approved hospital as an Intern or Resident
  • Must secure an accredited training position within an accredited training department


  • Five-year program in two phases:
    • Phase 1 (duration is from commencement of accredited training through to successful completion of the Phase 1 Examination, approximately 18-36 months)
    • Phase 2 (duration is from entry into Phase 2 through to completion of required 60 months FTE accredited training)
  • Trainees rotate to accredited network training sites


  • Phase 1 – 2 x “Practical Oncology Experiences” (Treatment Machine and Radiation Treatment Planning)
  • Phase 2 – SMART Program (Statistical Methods, Evidence Appraisal and Research for Trainees) – includes an original research project and mandatory attendance at a SMART workshop
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