Clinical Radiology


  • 5 years full-time


  • Min PGY2+
  • At least two full years in an approved hospital as an Intern or Resident
  • Must secure an accredited training position within an accredited training department


  • Five-year program in two phases:
    • Phase 1 (3 years): General clinical radiology training
    • Phase 2 (2 years): Systems-focused rotations for advanced clinical radiology training
  • Training is undertaken through accredited network training sites


  • “Experiential Training” requirements (logbooks of examinations/procedures completed)
  • Project 1 – a major assessment exercise to be completed by the end of Year 3
  • Project 2 – a major assessment exercise to be completed by the 54th month of training
Information from is intended as a summary to assist with career planning and has been developed by The South Eastern Regional Training Hubs Collaboration. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, details should be verified through the relevant Specialist College and health services. LAST UPDATED November 15, 2023