The South Eastern Regional Training Hubs Collaboration

The Regional Medical Training website is an initiative of the Southern Regional Training Hub Alliance, extended via collaboration with the NSW Regional Training Hub Network. This collaboration represents 17 of the 26 Regional Training Hubs (RTHs) funded under an Australian Government Initiative.  The focus of this collaboration is to further support medical training and careers across the regional communities of Victoria, Tasmania, NSW and South Australia’s Riverland and Limestone Coast.


What we do

Key roles performed by Regional Training Hubs include:

  • identifying and supporting medical students and junior doctors with an interest in rural practice (including bonded medical students)
  • strengthening regional training capacity by upskilling supervisors
  • assisting health services with accreditation and funding submissions for training posts
  • exploring opportunities for expansion of specialist training in the regions by working with the Colleges and Federal and State Governments. 



The Southern Regional Training Hub Alliance

Established in 2018 by Monash University, the University of Melbourne and Deakin University, the Southern Regional Training Hub Alliance (SRTHA) developed a collaborative vision for Victoria’s regional medical workforce needs. As early benefits of this collaborative approach grew, the Alliance expanded to include UNSW, the University of Tasmania and Flinders University.

The footprint of the Southern Regional Training Hub Alliance includes:



The NSW Regional Training Hub Network

The NSW Regional Training Hub Network was established in 2019 to enable state-wide collaboration to facilitate rural medical education and training. In 2021 the Network joined with the SRTHA to expand the scope of the Regional Medical Training website to include NSW.

The footprint of the NSW Regional Training Hub Network includes:

If you are a medical student or a junior doctor and are interested in other locations not represented on this site, please contact any of the Regional Training Hubs and they will be able to refer you to the most appropriate contact.